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12 Interesting Facts Regarding The Boston Redsox

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12 Interesting Facts Regarding The Boston Redsox

In major league baseball there are few teams that have the prestige of the Boston Redsox. This article will list some facts you may not know about the Boston Redsox. So if your a Redsox fan, and hate the Yankees with a passion, you’ll probably love these facts.

1 -The Boston Red Sox are part of Major League Baseball’s American League Eastern Division.
2 -The team was started in 1901, as one of the American League’s eight original city franchises.
3 -The team was named the Boston Americans from 1901 to 1907.
4 -Mr Taylor, the initial team owner, chose the name the Red Sox for the team a year or two before the building of Fenway park had began.
5 -The Red Sox have been at their home ballpark Fenway park, since 1912
6 -The Red Sox won four more championships by 1918, and then went into one of the longest lasting championship droughts in baseball history; it ended in 2004, when the team finally won their sixth World Series Championship.
7 -The Boston Red Sox MLB jerseys at home are white with red trim,accents red socks and dark blue baseball hats. Their away MLB jerseys colors are light grey with some dark blue accents, red socks and dark blue baseball hats.
8 -The Red Sox had the largest average road attendance in 2007, while the limited seating of Fenway Park caused them to be ranked 11th in home attendance. Every single home game since May 15, 2003 has been sold out?a measure of over six years and an MLB record.
9 -The Red Sox have earned 7 wild card berths- 2009-2008-2005-2004-2003-1999-1998
10 -The Red Sox have earned 6 East division titles- 2007-1995-1990-1988-1986-1975
11 -They have won 12 AL Pennants- 2007-2004-1986-1975-1967-1946-1918-1916-1915- 1912-1904-1903
12 -They also have earned 7 World Series Titles- 2007-2004-1918-1916-1915-1912-1903

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