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A 3rd Party Independent Review of Isagenix

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A 3rd Party Independent Review of Isagenix

According to Isagenix, if you use their products then you will be one of the healthiest people alive! With fantastic energy and vitality. It’s what everyone wants! But is Isagenix a scam?

There will come a point with every business opportunity where this question will be asked, sometimes there’s good reason to ask, others not!

As I am not an Isagenix distributor you don’t need to worry about me trying to pitch you. They are of course an MLM company and involved in the Health & Nutrition niche. On the menu is nutritional, supplemental, skin care and weight loss products.

So let us get that silly question out of the way before going any further, is Isagenix a scam?. Seriously; have you seen the product line? There are REAL products being sold here and a good selection of them, so you can’t brand this as a pyramid scam (unless you just flat out HATE Network Marketing). Of course to be expected in this particular market and network marketing as a whole, there are mixed reviews about the products, some are glowing others are not. The products are endorsed by several influential athletes who speak willingly of the benefits to their performance from taking Isagenix products.

You will also find that Jack Canfield, the well know life coach and mentor is very approving of the company and their products. He says the products have changed his life for the better, there is a catch though, he’s a distributor LOL. I have no reason to doubt his authenticity though. Whichever way you look at it, the good reviews outweigh the bad.

This is a legitimate company.

Isagenix began its existence in March of 2002, it was the creation of John Anderson, you will find their centre of operation in Chandler, Arizona. In just 18 months, their famous cleansing and fat burning system raked in $50 million by utilizing the power of online marketing and the rapidly growing team of distributors. An impressive track record for any company.

There are some good videos to watch on their company website that you might want to watch for more information. You might also want to look under featured videos and watch the ‘Are You Toxic’ video. According to Isagenix, almost everything we use and eat is toxic! Oh heck!

How will you earn and Income?

You will earn from selling products yourself and also through building a team under you, this is a BINARY compensation plan so make sure you fully understand how it works. Essentially you will have two legs a left and right and you need to build both teams correctly and balanced in order to maximise profit (plus benefits from spillovers). To get the most out of a binary you must know what you’re doing, so take some time to look into it and fully understand it.

In this Isagenix review we established there is no Isagenix scam. But how will you be successful with it?

Well you won’t make any money by doing what most people are doing in this company, I can pretty much guarantee you that. Most are chasing around friends and family and drawing up their ‘warm lists’ and swooping on anyone within ear shot I (I used to market like this as well). For those that see the potential of the internet and now market their business online may still be doing things totally the wrong way!

It’s a sure way to make sure you stay at the bottom of the distributor ranks in Isagenix, but assuming you can solve the 2 major problems network marketers face then you are quid’s in.

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