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A Guide to selecting the perfect kitchen bar stools for your home

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A Guide to selecting the perfect kitchen bar stools for your home

Kitchen breakfast bar stools carry the kitchen’s visual appeal to a brand new “high”. They look elegant and chic and come in a variety of designs. Place them in an appropriate spot and your kitchen can look like it’s just had a makeover. That was the good news, now here’s a dilemma: How will you decide on a kitchen bar stool that’s appropriate for you given that you’ll find so many styles in the market? Well, here’s a guide that can assist.

1. You should be sitting about 12 inches from the bottom of your kitchen counter to get an easy reach of the glass and pretzels so tantalisingly placed on it. So, measure the distance between the kitchen counter and the ground and buy a barstool that will seat you about 12 inches below the counter.

2. Is the bar stool comfortable to sit on? Or, is it a posh style that looks ultra-chic but is more suited for extra-terrestrials? Select a bar stool that’s comfy (nice back, ample sitting room for extra large sizes), unless you like to or want your guests to fidget about. You also need to determine if the bar stool should have arm rests, a wide back and swivel capability.

3. What’s your kitchen theme? Plain vanilla, Mission Impossible? Choose a bar stool that goes well with your kitchen design and style. Or, for those who have a plain Jane kitchen and would like to jazz things up there are many contemporary choices out there in all colours and styles.

4. What’s the primary colour of your kitchen and what colour is your kitchen counter? Go for a bar stool colour that is engaging and contrasting (or even complementary). Simple black bar stools can be terrific in any kitchen. Be certain to avoid crazy colour combinations, you want them to look stunning yet smart.

5. Which fabric will look best? Wood, steel, chrome, leather, wood-and-steel combo? That will depend on how the kitchen is constructed and you will be the best judge of that.

6. How many kitchen bar stools do you need? That answer will depend on the size of your kitchen counter. Make sure you have enough stools and that after placing your stools there can be a feeling of comfort. You do not want to be squeezing people in and out of them.

7. If you are interested in saving money, buy bar stools from online home furniture stores. You’ll get the same quality, same warranty, the same stool that you saw in the picture, all at a far lower price. So, unless you are made of money, the best advice is to hit the online furniture stores.

8. Buying on the internet does not necessarily mean you have to buy bottom drawer stuff. Do not think low-budget, go ahead and indulge yourself by purchasing a bar stool that can make a fundamental part of your house look great. Think of it as an investment that will add value to your kitchen.

9. Last but not least, it is usually best to buy low maintenance bar stools which are simple to clean since guests will most likely be dropping food and spilling drinks on themevery now and then.
Well, there you go – 9 helpful tips for you to choose the dream kitchen bar stool. Cheers!

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