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11 Home Party Plan Business Booking Tips

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11 Home Party Plan Business Booking Tips

Home Party Plan Skills

When it comes to home parties if you have no bookings then that translates into no home party business. One of the best places to book a party plan presentation is at a home party show. One of the easiest ways to encourage others is to provide several reasons to book during your home party home party show presentation. Be as convincing as possible while giving the guests reasons why they should join the masses who have entered into this lucrative and fun industry.

11 Home Party Plan Business Calendar and Scheduling Methods

Below are 11 ways to encourage people to book.

1. Learning is fun. Make your home party presentation fun and interesting so others will want to do what you are doing. This is probably the most important one!

2. Talk about your hostess plan several times during your home party show presentation. As a general rule, you want to mention this at least three times, so that it won’t be missed. There are several ways to do this. You can start by holding up a product and saying something like “You will get this free when you have your own party.”

3. Offer incentives. These can range from low-priced to popular items. Inform your guests these items are free if booked today, and that they will receive the items at their own home shows.

4. Imply that you have a very busy schedule even today is the last booking you have on your calendar for a while. If guests know you aren’t busy, they will be inclined to think there is a reason why they should not book with you.

5. Ask your host to get bookings for you. Offer an incentive if she or he gets two parties scheduled before you get there.

6. Talk about the different types of theme home shows. For example, if guests aren’t aware that you do fund-raisers or bridal showers, you’ll never be able to book one.

7 Offer them the “show to go” or the catalog party. If you really need guests, tell them you are at the end of a special you are having and if they book right away for next week, you will bring the dessert and paper products. They only need to invite the guests.

8. Offer a popular item as a bonus to a guest who picks a date in your book right away. This often serves as a great incentive and can really pique their interest. It is best to make the promise then deliver the gift a their home show so that they do not cancel and keep the gift.

9. Offer a high-priced item for free at their home show to the first person who books at your presentation. This can spark a little healthy competition and get everyone in the booking mood.

10. Ask a former hostess who is a guest at your show to share about all the free products she got at her show. Take her information with you because chances are that this recollection will not come easily. Don’t just rattle off the items that were received. Instead, put them together in one spot and go over the numbers. Or if you are prepared with the past host’s benefits you can use this information to prompt her or him into providing a really good show testimonial. Your guests will always list more intently to other guests than they do to you. Testimonials from happy hosts will go a long way to creating the desire for bookings.

11. Make sure all your information is easily accessible, and know your presentation inside and out. Remember, successful sales lead to a successful business. Home party plan sales consultants who are prepared because they have taken the time to plan and always have the calendar ready will find more bookings.

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