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Renovating Your First Home

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Purchasing your first home can be an overwhelming experience with many learning curves to tackle. The thought of buying a quaint fixer-upper that you can renovate over time is a romantic idea, but the realities can be significantly more frustrating than you might imagine. If you’re in the process of buying your first home and plan to take on a moderate amount of renovation work yourself, start by reading our guide.

We’ve culled our most sound advice from our personal experience, and from the mouths of contractors, realtors, and interior designers. With some patience, humor, and hard work, you can tackle your own home renovation project and emerge with a house that is uniquely yours.

Set Realistic Expectations

It’s so easy to get caught up in the passion of owning a home for the first time that many new owners forget a crucial piece of information- your first home will not be your dream home. It is a landing pad, a jumping off point from which to build your future. Keep this in mind and remember to tell yourself that not everything has to be perfect. The ability to keep this information in perspective will help you to set realistic expectations about your home renovation project. Know going into this undertaking that a renovation will always end up costing more than you’ve planned. Be prepared to encounter unexpected problems along the way. If you plan ahead for the little mishaps that you will inevitably encounter, you’ll be able to face them with less stress and a level head.

Spend Your Money Wisely

As tempting as it might be to through your money into gorgeous new floors or panels of sliding glass doors for the living room, try to keep the reigns of your budget firmly in your hands. Make decisions about where and how your money will be spent before beginning your renovation project. Leaving room to make decisions along the way is the easiest and surest route to overspending. Our advice is to put the majority of your money and effort into modernizing your kitchen and bathrooms. These utilitarian parts of the home are the most important to maintain, and quite frequently the most neglected in older homes. You can expand your walk-in closet further down the road, but for now, do yourself the favor of having a reliable septic system and a flowing, functional kitchen.

Leave it to the Pros

While renovating your own home can be a great way to develop new skills and hone techniques you might already possess, it is best to leave heavy duty rewiring and plumbing jobs to the professionals. If you’re feeling adventurous, choose one or two select projects to tackle yourself, and make sure you’re prepared before you begin. Gather any and all tools you might need, like crimp tool for electrical projects. Stock up at your local hardware store or an online retailer like, and remember to ask your contractor for guidance if you encounter any problems.

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